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STHLM TECH FEST 2017 - Accounting automation seminar

3 min lästid


We are not experts on sleeping patterns or the perfect level of melatonine, but we are very sure that if your financial KPI:s are updated in real time you will sleep better.  Visit our booth at STHLM TECH FEST, join our seminar at STHLM TECH SAFARI och sign up to receive our video recording from the event.


Are you looking to grow your company or to invest in growth companies? 

Welcome to our "STHLM TECH FEST 2017 Safari" seminar about what we do best - real time updated accounting automation. We will guide you through what we do to make accounting automation possible and how it benefits you as an investor or growth company.

More than 300 companies has transitioned from old school manual accounting to PE Accounting, a unique accounting service including a real time updated accounting system and consultation. What made them take the next step?  

  • Digitalization / automation

  • Outsourced / inhouse / something else

  • The perfect process

  • Automation system for finance

  • Automation and perfect implementation

  • People and system synergy

  • Benefits for investors and growth companies. Including learnings from Hugo Leichsenring, Owner and CEO of Ants Code at Heart and PE Accounting user.



Hugo Leichsenring, Ants Code at Heart and Magnus Serratusell Wallin, PE Accounting.


09:00 Seminar start
09:45 Q&A

If you want to book a meeting with one of our business managers before or after the seminar, feel free to contact us here.

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You can also meet us in our booth during the STHLM TECH FEST 2017 event. For more information on STHLM TECH FEST 2017, visit STHLM TECH FEST 2017 event page

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Lunch at EY

We also recommend you to visit EY´s seminars later the same day. They will provide you with lunch 12:30 - 13:30 and some great insights on "Cyber Security 13.30-14.15" and "Digital Tax and Blockchain 14.15-15.00".  

Read more and sign up here  



See you soon! 

17 augusti, 2017